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DomaineLA Wine Club: The Naturalist

DomaineLA Wine Club: The Naturalist

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The Naturalist is the more avant-garde oriented branch of our club, featuring wines that have been made with an ultra-minimal-intervention approach. As with nearly all the wines in the shop, they are organically farmed (at a minimum), use only indigenous yeasts during vinfication, and include minimal if any sulfur additions. They often push the envelope from a style perspective, and this is the club for you if you care more about having a new experience than you do the canon or classics.

You can now sign up for the club online! Your card will be charged for the first month immediately, so the current month will be ready for pick-up as soon as you become a member. Subsequent months will be charged on the 15th of the month with wines ready for pick-up on that day, or shipped out shortly thereafter should you desire delivery services.

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