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Domaine LA

Domaine LA opened its doors in September of 2009. The store’s focus is on honest wines from Europe and the United States. To us, that means wines made by people, not manufactured by corporations.


 --- The Domaine LA Family  ---



Jill Bernheimer, Owner

When I'm not at Domaine LA, I'm most likely to be found: in the Domaine LA parking lot. But seriously, at home. I spend a lot of time at work and I really take every chance I can to hang out at home with my husband and my two crazy dogs.

In high school I was voted most likely to: probably it was something like 'have a nervous breakdown' but we probably shouldn't print that...

Favorite band: In High School it was New Order and the Smiths. In college, De La Soul. In early adulthood, Belle & Sebastian. Now, I really like bad pop music like Katy Perry and such. It's been a devolution of sorts.

Favorite LA restaurant: It's hard to just name one but I'd have to say Night + Market. 

Stranded on an island wine: Foillard Cote du Py, any vintage.

Most under-appreciated wine/wine region: It's hard to say Beaujolais because people who know wine generally understand how great wines from the region can be, but as far as the general public is concerned, Beaujolais. 

Wine you always like to take to a party: Bubbly of some kind. Often Pow Blop Wizz.

First wine love: Foillard Cote du Py (2002 vintage, trekked back to the US from La Dernier Goutte in Paris).




Dylan Bean

Favorite things to eat in LA: noodles and dumplings in San Gabriel Valley

Stranded on an island wine: Cheverny Rouge

Most under-appreciated wine/wine region: Southwest France

Wine you always like to take to a party: Petillant-Naturel

First wine love: Germany



Anthony Cailan

Hometown: San Marino, CA

When I'm not at Domaine LA, I'm most likely found: drinking a little too much wine at Marvin, or eating too much food at my favorite dumpling houses in the San Gabriel Valley.

Favorite movie: Blazing Saddles/The Sandlot

Favorite LA restaurant: It's a tie between Chi Spacca/Bestia/Animal

Most under-appreciated wine/wine region: San Diego County (but like 2 producers)

Desert island wine: Geroge Laval Premier Cru Champagne/Arnot Roberts Trousseau



Emilie Campbell

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Favorite movie: You know, I dont watch movies, I'm an 85 year old trapped in a 23 year old's body

Favorite band: Leonard Cohen, duh

Desert island wine: Philippe Pacalet Gevrey Bel Air or like really old German Riesling

Most under apreciated wine region: Canada, LOL



Courtney Walsh 

Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA

Favorite Book: You Shall Know Our Velocity by Dave Eggers

When I'm not at Domaine LA, I'm most likely found: Drinking at Bar Bandini

I really like to eat: Cheeseburgers (no mayo)

Desert island wine: Philipp Bornard Poulsard 

Most under apreciated wine region: The Savoie, France



Lina Goujjane

Hometown: Greenwich Village NYC

Favorite Snack: Cape Cod Kettle Chips

Favorite Band: The one man band, Drake

Stranded on a desert island wine: Anthing red, low abv, chilled and "glou glou"

When I'm not at Domaine LA, I'm most likely found: Stuffing my facewith food or at the beach