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Sandhi + Arnot-Roberts Tasting Dinner


We have a very special off-site tasting dinner in honor of the In Pursuit of Balance event this same week. Since Raj Parr and Duncan Arnot Myers will be in town, why not showcase their excellent California wines side by side and all with a tasting menu thoughtfully prepared by Chef Jordan Kahn and Noah Ellis of Red Medicine. If you are new to the Sandhi and Arnot-Robertswines or a diehard fan, this will be an amazing opportunity to explore their most recent offerings and hear from the winemakers themselves about the wines and their stories.

If you like any of the wines you taste during the dinner, you can order them from us and pick them up at the store at your convenience.

Tuesday, February 5th

7:30 PM $80, including tax and tip

Limited availability, so jump on this soon!


CHARRED UNI / cauliflower custard, laver, chinese sausage, plantain, garlic

BROOK TROUT ROE / rice pudding, buddha's hand, quince, sea herbs

CRISPY SPRING ROLLS / dungeness crab, lime, pea pods, fines herbes, chili

Arnot-Roberts Santa Cruz Chardonnay // 2011 Sandhi Santa Barbara County Chardonnay 2011


YOUNG TURNIPS / roasted banana, banana vinegar, fermented black bean, creme fraiche

TURBOT / black carrots, black salsify, dulse, burnt onion syrup

MUGIFUJI PORK / alliums, rhubarb, black currant, virgin walnut oil

Arnot-Roberts Trousseau 2011 //  RPM Gamay 2011


TOASTED GRAINS / mushroom pudding, egg yolk, aromatic duck broth infused with smoked tea, hazelnut, malt, matsutake

IMPERIAL WAGYU BEEF BRISKET / braised for 36 hours with palm sugar & fish sauce

Sandhi Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir 2011 // Arnot-Roberts North Coast Syrah 2011


COCONUT BAVAROIS / coffee, condensed milk, thai basil, peanut croquant