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  1. Nebbio-NO!


    Sunday, 2/26/2017: Nebbio-NO! There's more to Piedmont than Nebbiolo. A lot more, in fact. From Arneis to Vespolina, and everything in between, we're bringing you Piedmont sans Nebbiolo.  
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  2. 'Sam & Harry' Ham and Sherry tasting

    'Sam & Harry' Ham and Sherry tasting

    Sunday, 3/5/2017: 'Sam & Harry' Ham and Sherry Tasting: "Sam and Harry! Ham and Sherry! It's a match made in heaven...." - Emilie Campbell
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  3. Biodynamic Bordeaux

    Biodynamic Bordeaux

    Sunday, 3/12/2017: Biodynamic Bordeaux Tasting    
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  4. Brumaire Apero Night

    Brumaire Apero Night

    Tuesday, 3/14/2017:   Brumaire Apero Night:    The 2nd annual Brumaire natural wine festival takes place March 12th in Oakland (tickets here!) but after their tour through the Bay Area, some of our favorite natural wine producers and importers come south to LA. Join us for apero ...
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  5. Broc Cellars Tasting

    Broc Cellars Tasting

     Sunday, 3/19/2017: Broc Cellars Tasting    
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  6. Hoxie and Friends Spritz Party!

    Hoxie and Friends Spritz Party!

    Sunday, 3/26/2017: Hoxie and Friends Spritz Party:   It's finally spring and Josh from Hoxie Spritzer will be here pouring through his all natural wine spritzers for a bonafide spritz party! He'll also have in tow his new natty spritz release, sold in LA exclusively at DomaineLA Guest Spr ...
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  7. Rheingau Riesling with Winemaker Johannes Leitz

    Rheingau Riesling with Winemaker Johannes Leitz

     Thursday, 4/6/2017: Rheingau Riesling tasting with Winemaker Johannes Leitz    
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