What Did You Buy?: Taylor Parsons

by whitney on April 21, 2014

In our second installment of What Did You Buy?, Republique wine director Taylor Parsons tells you what he picked up from the shop recently. He shares his unabashed love of the winemaker, a little hill called Brézé, and how his stash is already dwindling fast.

What did he buy? 2009 Guiberteau Saumur ‘Clos des Carmes’


“I was in the shop that day to finally lay down some cash for three bottles Jill had graciously agreed to hold for me: the last of her stock of Romain Guiberteau’s 2009 Saumur ‘Clos des Carmes’. I’m absolutely, positively, unhealthily in love with the Guiberteau whites. Sadly for me, several other folks in town seem to be similarly enamored, so I tend to grab them when I see them.

My first exposure to Guiberteau came a couple years ago, one night on the floor at Mozza, when Ted [Vance] and Paul [Wasserman] rolled in on the later side and told me they had some things I needed to taste. As a rule, I have a low tolerance for drop-in tastings (and especially so during service), but these are two guys whose palates I respect and their mutual urgency/excitement meant there was some serious shit in the bag. Rules were broken. Anyway, long story short, they poured me and Rosoff a bunch of wines from two producers Paul had just picked up in the Loire: Romain Guiberteau (in Saumur) and Patrick Baudouin (in Anjou). I was absolutely floored. Both lineups were stellar, but Romain’s wines really struck a chord. Unbelievable intensity!!! The wines were vibrating with energy. Dripping with minerality. Dense and textured, but without any trace of heaviness. These were impeccably-made wines, but not in a conventional, foursquare way…there was an unbridled sort of chaos to them that was utterly captivating. Needless to say, I bought all the Guiberteau I could get and some of the Baudouin, too.

While the 2010 Brézé bottling was what initially rang the bell for me, the Clos des Carmes is pretty damn lovely in its own right. It’s a bit of an anomaly insofar as Carmes is arguably Romain’s most ‘important’ site — an historically-famous vineyard on the Brézé hill — but also populated with his youngest vines (he replanted just a few years ago, I think). All of which is to say that the Clos des Carmes provides an uncommon window onto an unquestionably great terroir in the first flush of its youth. And even in a big, opulent vintage like 2009, the wine still just sings; the dude clearly knows how to make wine.

The first bottle bit the dust that very night after service. The second was opened a couple of days later. And now all this talk about Guiberteau means that my third (and last) bottle doesn’t have much time left.”

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Staff Pick: Spring in a Glass

by whitney on April 16, 2014

Spring has sprung you guys. Well, at least for this part of the country (sorry NYC). The pink stuff has also arrived and is quickly filling our shelves, which is reason to celebrate in and of itself. Therefore, our staff pick for April is a delightful Oregon Pinot Noir rosé. So fresh and so clean.

Who: Kathryn

What: 2013 Teutonic Rosé

Why: “Because I’m ready for spring, and (thank God) rosé season is here again!! This rosé has the minerality and acidity of an old world wine, but it’s from Oregon. Super lean and fresh, just delicious.”

When: “I’d like to take it home tonight – I’m making a veggie pasta: peas, asparagus, gnocchi, butter & parmesan.”


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